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The Scout Radio and Electronics Team (SRESU) is a service team of Scouts Australia, based in Victoria. Established to provide radio and electronics related activities and communications services for all sections from Joeys through to Rover Scouts.  SRESU has trained operators and can provide health and welfare communications for large activities, helps scouts aged from teens to… obtain amateur radio and marine radio licenses by running practical activities, theory classes and examinations.  SRESU is responsible for co-ordination of the annual event Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) and Jamboree On The Internet (JOTI) in Victoria, including station registration and participation badges.

The Scout Radio and Electronics Team (SRESU) has 3 portable amateur radio repeaters, VK3RSR, VK3RSS and VK3RSD which are used for these activities.

The SRESU also has two fixed repeaters VK3RSA and VK3RSB located at Emerald and Mt St Leonard. Sometimes these are linked, see our JOTA Calling Frequency page for more details.

Membership of the SRESU is open to all Victorian members of Scouts Australia. who have an interest in radio or electronic activities. An amateur radio licence is NOT a prerequisite for membership.

The SRESU meets on the second Monday of each month (except January) and visitors are always welcome. For more information please leave a message for the Secretary  or Training Officer via our Contact Us page.

We run many training events over the year.  These events provide training and skills development opportunities for new radio operators develop and practice their skills (always handy in an emergency) and to learn how set up portable stations ( good fun and handy for scouting and contest work).

Our next training or activity weekend, please see events to the right of this page

Philip Adams – Radio and Electronics Team Leader (Acting)

 Looking for JOTA / JOTI info?

What is JOTA / JOTI?

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When is JOTA / JOTI In 2015?  –

Answer: 17 & 18 October 2015
What is the
2015 Theme – Answer: The Earth is Yours

The 2015 JOTA-JOTI theme is “The Earth is Yours.” The focus is on environmental responsibility. The Earth is Yours – so take good care of it.

If you have missed out on the Australian JOTA / JOTI badge for 2014 please register your Victorian (VK3) JOTA / JOTI site. To register your Victorian JOTA/JOTI site click here

You can also click on the JOTA tab at the top of the page  to get JOTA / JOTI Badges…and to find  lots more information for JOTA / JOTI .  Click on the tab above.

Amateur Radio Training and Assessment

Learn more about Amateur Radio Training

Amateur radio training is suitable for teen aged Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders. The Foundation AOCP(F) is a good place to start. Parents are also welcome to attend, amateur radio is a hobby that can be enjoyed across the ages. More information Click Here.

Amateur Radio Training

The SRESU Training team invites you to discover  Amateur Radio Training via our web pages.

The SRESU provides targeted training for older Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders.  We welcome family members to attend our training as well. This is a  wonderful hobby activity that can involve the whole family, both with in and beyond scouting.  Amateur Radio Assessments conducted by approved WIA Assessors.

Qualified amateur radio operators may apply for the Amateur Radio badge which may be worn on the uniform.




Marine Radio Operator Training and Assessment

We are pleased to advise that we now have three (3) approved team members authorised by the Australian Maritime College (AMC) to Invigilate  examinations in the following qualifications:

We are excited that our planning to provide additional valuable skills for Venturers (over 16 years), Rovers and Leaders has come together.  With increasing popularity in recreational boating and the extensive VHF radio networks provided across popular coastal waters around Australia, training and assessment in MROVCP is anticipated to prove popular.

This training will be in addition to our established WIA authorised Amateur Radio training and assessment capability.

Please keep an eye on the SRESU web site, MyScout, and Scout Central – Join in Adventures for further announcements.

Philip Adams – SRESU Training Officer

Updated 14/6/2015 – PA.