The SRESU is an activity team within Scouts Australia, Victoria. Established to provide radio and electronics related activities and services for Scouts of all ages.  SRESU provides health and welfare communications for large Scouting activities, helps Scouts obtain amateur radio licences by running theory classes and examinations and is responsible for co-ordination of the annual event Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) and Jamboree On The Internet (JOTI) in Victoria.

The SRESU are always happy to discuss a training opportunity, providing assistance to your Group, District or Regional activities.  We have been known to assist with the running of a special night in your program.  For more information please email the Secretary via our Contact Us page.

The SRESU has 3 portable amateur radio repeaters, VK3RSR, VK3RSS and VK3RSD which are used for these activities.

The SRESU also has two fixed repeaters VK3RSA and VK3RSB located at Emerald and Mt St Leonard.  If you have an amateur radio license and these repeaters are not active for scouting activities, you are welcome to put out a call on the repeaters or use the IRLP linking if enabled.  All radio active scouts and friends of scouting are welcome to use these repeaters. These may be networked to one or more of the portable repeaters so put out a call and see what happens. See the JOTA Calling  pages for details.

Membership of the SRESU is open to all members of Scouts Australia, Victorian Branch who have an interest in radio or electronic activities. An amateur radio licence is NOT a prerequisite for membership.

The SRESU meets on the second Monday of each month (except January) in Clayton and visitors are always welcome. For more information please email the Secretary via our Contact Us page.