SPOT Out of the box

The team has recently added a SPOT satellite tacking device to our QM store. This unit is easy to use by Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders. Training typically takes 10 – 20 minutes.

SPOT does not rely on mobile phone network coverage but uses satellite technology. Clear view of the sky is important with all satellite devices, e.g. attach it to the top of you back pack if hiking or tape to car dash board when mobile. SPOT uses GPS location data and can transmit your location along with messages indicating that you are OK, delayed, in need of help, or alert emergency services in an emergency situation.

SPOT can be hired on a weekly basis (typically Thursday – Wednesday) from the team. Hire includes batteries, and postage. Please contact our Secretary for bookings via
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Recently SPOT went hiking with 1st Highton Scouts and SPOT automatically sent footprint messages as they hiked along. First they tried it out on a local hike.

Hike Capture








Then they took SPOT on a great adventure. Several times a day they regularly sent their per-determined message to tell those at home that all was well.