Marine Radio (SROCP) Metro SE – Cancelled

12 May 2018, 09:30 – 16:30

Guide Scout Water Activities Centre – GSWAC


Sorry this course has been cancelled – We are aiming to schedule another SROCP in July

Need to improve your communications on your next water activity?
Don’t just rely on your mobile phone. If you are on lakes, or in the bay, Marine VHF radio can provide good communications between your watercraft. If around the Victorian Coastline, Marine VHF can also provide direct communications to emergency services too.

Gain your SROCP with a little study and a days training and assessment.

Apply via Scout Extranet – Course Code: 105694


Please note, assessment for this qualification is only available to people over 16 years of age.
Did you know that if your boat or watercraft is equipped with a Marine MF, HF or VHF
(two-way) radio, you or one of your crew must hold the appropriate Certificate of Proficiency. Not sure?
If your marine radio has channel 16 (emergency channel) it is a VHF marine radio and this applies to you. Marine 27 MHz radios (channel 88 is your emergency channel) are exempt.




Course includes:

  • Radio operation, selecting correct channels for purpose.
  • Phonetic Alphabet, used for both general communications and in emergencies.
  • Use and operations of EPIRBs
  • Use and operations of SARTs
  • Use of VHF Marine Repeaters
  • Basic fault finding

Coming to a boat ramp or waterway near you…. Police, Transport Safety Victoria Officers or ACMA Radio Inspectors may ask if you have appropriate Certificates of Proficiency for marine radio transmitters carried on your boat during routine inspections.


With increasing popularity in recreational boating, sea kayaking, and other water activities. Carrying VHF Marine radio is important. This radio is also carried by Coast Guard, Water Police and most commercial ships too.

Updated weather reports are broadcast on on VHF Marine Radio.  In times of trouble, urgency or emergency, VHF marine radio provides access to Marine Safety Victoria, limited coast stations and an extensive VHF radio repeater networks providing coverage across popular coastal waters around Victoria and many parts of Australia.

Want to know more, enroll in the course.

Apply via Scout Extranet – Course Code: 105694

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