Cubs 100

If you have found this page you will be undoubtedly aware that Cub Scouts are turning 100 in 2016. As part of the celebrations, many Cub Scouts will be taking part in JOTA / JOTI during 2016 – 2017.

A special CUB callsign (VK3CUB) has been applied for and this will be on air from nominated locations through the year including JOTA weekend.

JOTA stations with Cub Scouts present may add CUB 100 as a extension after their callsign.  If you are operating Amateur Radio with Cub Scouts present, you are invited to add the suffix CUBS 100 after your callsign. This will signal that your station has Cub Scouts present and keen to say hello. In Murray’s words, if I had a Cub pack with me, the extended call sign I would be using would be VK3MJT CUBS100. By using and by listening for the extended call sign you know that Cubs are there on the air.

Murray VK3MJT has  encouraged a number of clubs to operate as a drop in centre for Cub Scouts over the JOTA / JOTI weekend. Please book your cubs into the station in advance.

Please don’t forget to register your Cub Pack’s involvement in JOTA / JOTI you can order your JOTA/JOTI 2016 badges here too.

We thank the following teams for their support of CUBS 100 over JOTA 2016 weekend

1.       Churchill National Park
2.       Moorabbin and District Radio Club
3.       Eastern and Mountain District Radio Club
4.       Geelong Amateur Radio Club


SITE 1 – Club name: Schools Amateur Radio Club network (SARCnet)

·         Contact: Joe Gonzales
·         Operating Hours: Both Days
·         Location: Churchill National Park



  • Operators: Joe Gonzales VK3YSP, Julie Gonzales VK3FOWL
    ·         JOTA Callsign: VK3SRC-CUBS100
  • Other Activities (Proposed):
    10-Minute Amateur Radio Assisted Nature Walk (SARC
    “VHF/UHF Communications” Activity)
    6.4km Amateur Radio Assisted Trig Point Walk
    (SARC “Summit Activation” mission)
    Chasing Summits On The Air and WWFF Parks
    (SARC “HF Communications” Activity)
    Build an Amateur Radio VHF station
    (SARC “Shipwrecked” mission)
    Amateur Radio Direction Finding
    (SARC “Search and Rescue” mission)
    Amateur Radio Satellite demo
    (SARC “Space: The Final Frontier” mission)
    BBQ Lunch both days
  • Please register for our event at: is a brochure at:

SITE 2 – Moorabbin and District Radio Club


  • · Contact: Ken Millis
    · Operating Hours: Saturday 12noon – 8pm, Sunday 10am – 4pm


  • · Location: 33-35 Turner Road, Highett
    Enter through Gate on Turner Rd
    Follow track past playing fields to Clubrooms
    Parking may be an issue, plenty of street parking in Turner Rd
    . JOTA Callsign: VK3APC-CUBS100
    – will also be using EVENT Callsign VK3CUB-CUBS100
    Other Activities (Proposed):
    Historical displays
    Emergency base 2m


  • SITE 3 – Eastern and Mountain District Radio Club

• Contact: or Andrew Scott 0411 101 021
• Operating Hours: Saturday only 9.30 – 4.30


•Location: 13A McCubbin St, Burwood.
o Down the track to the Clubrooms
o Park in McCubbin St – also parking down the track near the hall
• JOTA Callsign: VK3ER-CUBS100
• Other Activities:
o BBQ facility available – BYO foods etc

  • SITE 4 – Geelong Amateur Radio Club

garc_logo• Contact:
or Chris Gladman 0415 109 671
• Operating Hours: Saturday only 10am – 3pm
• Location: Storrer St., Geelong
• JOTA Callsign: VK3ATL-CUBS100
• Other Activities:
o Morse code challenge
o Historical radios