How do I apply for a SRESU training course?

Thank-you for your interest in SRESU Training.
You may register your interest by sending a message to training officer via the Contact SRESU web page or you may book your seat directly by filling out the form if shown below.  Our training officer will then contact you shortly, confirm your details and update you on any new details.  Please include all your contact details including your phone number and email address.

If you are a Scouts Australia member, we encourage you to download a TR1 form, complete the details and email to the SRESU training officer via return email.

If you are not a Scouts Australia member, you will be asked to provide most of the same details that our members do.  Many lay people find it just as easy to fill out the details on the TR1 Form.  If you are happy with this, our training officer can forward you this form.

OK… ready… set… go… Click here to apply for the upcoming training course

My group wants to run a JOTA site?

In order to run a JOTA site, we recommend that the site needs to be run and supported by the group or district. The Scout Radio and Electronics Service Unit receive numerous requests each year for Radio Operators to assist with the JOTA / JOTI side of the event, and are fully committed each year. Sites are filled on a number of youth members attending basis, with the larger bases getting more support. (To make the event worthwhile for all concerned you normally need at least 50 youth members attending.)

If you are keen to run a JOTA/JOTI base, then I suggest you get your leader team behind you, and organise for JOTA and/or JOTI to be activities as apart of a larger activity day (i.e. Cubs AAA day.). This means that youth members can be involved in activities for the whole day.

Don’t forget to register your JOTA / JOTI activity

We can try to find Amateur Radio Operators from the AR Community for you. Contact the JOTA Coordinator.  This should be done by July each year.

How do I obtain a “Scout” Call sign?

JOTA sites are able to apply to the SRESU for use of a “Scout” call sign. This enables the site’s licensed Amateur Radio Operator(s) to use the “Scout” call sign in place of their own, providing recognition to other JOTA participants in Australia and around the world.

What does this mean?
Amateur Radio Operators have 3 options for Operation at JOTA

  1. Operate using your existing individual or club call sign.
  2. Apply to the SRESU for yearly Scout call sign (This option will suit campsites and regions operating Amateur Radio at other activities.)
  3. Apply to the SRESU is for the “loan” of an SRESU Scout call sign

To obtain a Scout Call Sign for JOTA, please register

How does the loan calls sign process work?

Site that order over 100 badges have the option of requesting a “loan call sign”. Loan call signs are licensed by the ACMA to the SRESU.  The SRESU still has to pay for the whole year. We then allocated to the JOTA site for JOTA use only. These call signs may then be loaned to other activities though out the year are then used to expand the services the SRESU is able to provide to scouting events throughout the year.

NB: Groups wanting to request call signs and/or receive badges before JOTA must have their application to the SRESU no later than 1 September. Applications for badges will only be accepted by completing the online application or via postal mail with appropriate payment. Phone orders can not be accepted.

How do I obtain JOTA/JOTI Badges?

The 2016 JOTA/JOTI Badge is now available for ordering from the Scout Radio and Electronics Service (SRESU) unit, and will be distributed during the 2nd week of October.

Since 2014, the JOTA / JOTI badge is a quality cloth backed, over locked, uniform style badge (50mm x 50mm). As such, this has increased the badge cost and will be reflected during the order process.

Badge orders will only be accepted by completing the JOTA/JOTI Application form and either online payment or via posting with a cheque to the SRESU. We will not issue JOTA Badges for non-registered sites.

Why do I need a Working with Children Check?

The Victorian Working with Children Act came into force from April 2007.

As overnight activities are an integral part of Scouting, the Act requires all members involved in such programmes to hold a current WWC. To simplify the process it has been decided that all members who are 18 years and over, irrespective of their role or position, must hold a current WWC.

All Adults who stay overnight at JOTA must be a CoAL Leader, have completed a Scouts Police Check, or hold a WWC ID Card and provide details to the Leader in Charge.

Why do I have to register for JOTA/JOTI?

Victorian Branch requests that all JOTA / JOTI sites register with the Victorian JOTA Coordinator.

This ensures that:

  • Branch is aware of the number and location of JOTA sites around Victoria
  • The Amateur Radio Operator involved is checked for appropriate licenses
  • The JOTA/JOTI sites receive any last minute information that may be available.

Only sites that are registered will be able to order JOTA/JOTI badges and call signs.

Registration is simple, just complete the online registration form.

We encourage all RCs and DCs to ensure that JOTA sites within their Districts and Regions are registered, and take an active interest in this world wide event.

What is JOTA?

The JOTA is an annual event in which Scouts and Guides all over the world speak to each other by means of amateur radio contacts. Scouting experiences are exchanged and ideas are shared, via the radio waves.

The world-wide Jamboree-On-The-Air is organized to coincide with the third full weekend of October each year. The event starts at 00:00 hours local time on the Saturday and concludes 48 hours later on the Sunday.

Each station can choose its own operating hours within this period.