Licence Processing

Recent changes to the ACMA systems include License fees not now being paid at the time of the exam. Thee changes have resulted in the WIA Office receiving queries relating to candidates who have not paid invoices for licence payment with in the 28 days after the ACMA invoice was issued.
Failure to pay the ACMA invoice within the 28 days after issue of invoice results in a ”consideration fee” of $28 payable to ACMA.  This is an automatic process by ACMA.
The steps that occur in ACMA processing a licence are:
1.  After successful completion of an exam licence and call sign application arrive at ACMA
2.  ACMA process the documents and issue an invoice for the licence fee
3.  payment of the fee results in the licence being valid
4.  28 days after the invoice ACMA archive the licence documentation and now a ”consideration fee” of $28 applies payable to ACMA
5.  ACMA would expect a new licence application along with the WIA call sign recommendation.
We must make sure candidates are aware of this process including the 28 day time allowance and also emphasise with candidates the accuracy of candidate addresses and emails is vital to ensure against lost mail.  The WIA Office also sends a courtesy email to candidates with this information.
It is also advisable that candidates to check their spam folders in case ACMA emails are inadvertently routed away from their inbox.  Emails from ACMA come from