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Software Defined Radio using a cheap USB stick

Marine vessel locatons see:

Wondering how they track these vessels, it is done via AIS receivers located around the coast.  Vessels carry a AIS transmitter connected to a GPS and regularly transmit their locaton.

If you would like to try to build a little AIS receiver and you are located around the coast, read on.

SDR AIS Decoding using a cheap USB DVB-T Stick

Hi all, here is a little project for the tech savvy Venturer, Rover or Leader.  This project will be of particular interest if you live near the coast. You can use a DVB-T STICK to build a low cost AIS Receiver. Full credit and thanks goes to the team from …  For more detail see:

If you have not played with the AIS display provided by this may be something new for your JOTA / JOTI station.

During the warmer months I run a smart phone app that puts me on the map when on my little boat..  You may even spot our real yacht SwingShift around the bays or lakes. Enjoy! – Philip VK3JNI




Looking for a portable HF Receiver plus more?

You would love a portable HF receiver! You are on a budget and your wish list includes PLL, AM, FM, SSB, MW, SW and a clock but you thought you where only dreaming?

JOTA is coming up in October and I frequently get asked to recommend a portable radio receiver that could let scouts of all ages tune around and listen in to JOTA stations without the complications of having an unsupervised transmitter sitting in the campsite or station. Check this out… AM, FM and Single Sideband with good coverage range, this portable receiver may meet the needs of new amateur operators, leaders and scouts alike. Includes rechargeable battery… all for under $350, sounds like a good deal. Note, I have no commercial interest in this company, other than buying one myself… It works great!…/product/tecsun-pl880-radio/…

Need Air Band as well… consider…/tecsun-pl660-radio-vhf-air-ba…/ This one is smaller and under $200.

Please note, we have no commercial affiliation with this company. – Philip VK3JNI


JOTA/JOTI 2015 Registration Open

Hi all, I know you have been hanging out to register your 2015 JOTA /JOTI stations.  Registrations are now open an registration forms should now work.  Please let me know if you find a bug. – Philip VK3JNI

Name Changes to Marine Radio Qualifications

Hello all stations,
Living with acronyms is an unavoidable fact of life in the 21st Century! Consider the following example:
ACMA has informed OMC which is operated by AMC, an institute of UTAS, that MROCP and MROVCP are now re-named to reflect ITU terminology and align the naming of Australian certificates with the common world practice. (credit to Sam from OMC).

In a nutshell, the Office of Maritime Communications (OMC) will henceforth issue Marine Radio Certificates under the following new names:
1. Short Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency – SROCP (to replace the current MROVCP)
2. Long Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency – LROCP (to replace the current MROCP)

The new terminology will better reflect the nature and limitations of these internationally recognised certificates and their equivalency with overseas certificates.

Since the existing MROCP and MROVCP (certificates) have no expiry dates, their holders have no obligation to replace them. Nominal fee applies if a replacement is required.

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