The Scout Radio & Electronics Service Unit is based in Victoria.  We provide a number of activities related to Radio and Electronics each year for Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers.  If you would like SRESU to provide communications for your activity, You may complete the request for activity or service form online or  download the request for provision of service form and forward it to our secretary or activity coordinator.

Request for provision of activity or service

If you would like the Radio and Electronics Team to support your activity, troop night or other event, please complete this form.
  • Please enter your mobile phone number with out spaces
  • Please enter a phone number that we can contact you on after normal business hours. Please don't use spaces.
  • Please enter a valid email address
  • Please provide the location of your activity
  • Please tell us a little about the activity that you would like us to assist with. Please include dates of activity and any special information that would help us to design the appropriate activity or deliver the service.

If you are a licensed amateur radio operator, you are welcome to use our VK3 Repeater Network which may be accessed via our VHF / UHF Amateur Radio Repeaters including:

  • VK3RSS – Portable and sometimes found at Gilwell Park – Gembrook – 439.975 MHz – CTCSS 91.5 Hz
  • VK3RSR – Portable around Victoria – 146.975 MHz
  • VK3RSA – Water Tower, Emerald – 439.650 MHz – CTCSS 91.5 Hz
  • VK3RSB – 10 km N of Healesville – Mount St Lenard – 439.550 MHz – CTCSS 91.5 Hz
  • VK3RSD/C – D-Star – Upwey – 146.8875 MHz
  • VK3RAJ – VHF – Upwey – 439.750 MHz- CTCSS 91.5 Hz
  • VK3RAJ – VHF – Upwey – 146.825 MHz

Please note, many of these repeaters may be linked and will require you to transmit the correct CTCSS tones to access the network.

Scout amateur radio calling HF frequencies

Many new scouting operators find that they are unsure where to call to find other scouts.  Subject to your license conditions, we suggest you try:

Australian Scout Calling Frequencies

SSB (phone)
CW (morse)
80 m
3.650 MHz
3.570 MHz
40 m
7.090 MHz
7.030 MHz
20 m
14.190 MHz
14.060 MHz
15 m
21.190 MHz
21.140 MHz
10 m
28.590 MHz
28.180 MHz
6 m
52.160 MHz
50.160 MHz