VK3 ScoutNET

The VK3 ScoutNet is an ongoing project built by dedicated amateur radio operators involved with the SRESU. They have made the network available to assist amateur radio licensed Scouts and friends of Scouting to communicate via relatively simple amateur radio equipment across the Melbourne metropolitan area and beyond.

Please remember to leave a 2-3 second break between your overs and invite new operators to join your conversations.

Clicking on an IRLP node number where listed below will show you the current status on irlp.net.

VK3 ScoutNet – Repeaters Currently Linked

CallsignLocationRepeater OutputRepeater InputCTCSSIRLP
VK3RSUMt View439.925 433.925 91.5 Hz
VK3RAJUpwey439.750 434.750 91.5 Hz IRLP 6372
VK3RSAEmerald439.650 434.650 91.5 Hz
VK3RSBMt St Leonard439.550434.55091.5 Hz

VK3RAJ-R at Upwey is also permanantly connected to Echolink Conference Server *SCOUT-VK*.

VK3 ScoutNet – Standalone Repeaters – not linked

CallsignLocationRepeater OutputRepeater InputCTCSSNotes
VK3RSAEmerald145.175145.175APRS iGate VK3RSA-1
VK3RAJ (2m)Upwey146.825146.22594.8IRLP 6372
VK3RSD (2m)Upwey and Portable146.8875146.2875D Star Voice
VK3RSRPortable146.975146.375IRLP 6370
VK3RYNYallourn North145.175145.175APRS iGate VK3RYN-1