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Hello marine and radioactive scouts,

I am pleased to advise that we now have three (3) approved team members authorised by the Australian Maritime College (AMC) to Invigilate examinations in the following qualifications:
• Marine Radio Operator’s Certificate of Proficiency (MROCP)
• Marine Radio Operators VHF Certificate of Proficiency (MROVCP)

I congratulate Jenny Adams and Peter Chaplin for joining me in this new endeavour to provide valuable skills for Venturers (over 16 years), Rovers and Leaders. With increasing popularity in recreational boating and the extensive VHF radio networks provided across popular coastal waters around Australia, training and assessment in MROVCP is anticipated to prove popular.

This training will be in addition to our established WIA authorised Amateur Radio training and assessment capability.

Please keep an eye on the SRESU web site, MyScout, and Scout Central – Join in Adventures for training dates and further announcements.


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One thought on “Marine Communications – Marine Radio Active Scouts

  1. Why train Leaders, Rovers and older Venturers in MROVCP?

    The primary objective of the course is to assist participant achieve their Marine Radio Operators VHF Certificate of Proficiency (MROVCP, now renamed Short Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency. The course is open to parent helpers, leaders, Rovers and currently Venturers over the age of 16 years due to licensing restrictions.

    In short, if your boat is equipped with VHF a marine radio, (i.e. channel 16 is your Emergency Chanel, then as a minimum you need this license. If your team use only 27MHz (HF) radios (i.e. channel 88 is your emergency channel), currently you do not need this certification however many of the topics and information may prove useful.

    We use the training manual, assessment and syllabus from the Australian Maritime Collage, Office of Marine Communicatons please see:

    MROVCP or new SROCP is the minimum qualification required to operate Marine VHF radios on boats and ships, however like everyting, this will in time change with the introduction of a new qualification… see below.

    We have currently 3 of our team accredited to run the MROVCP (or MROCP) assessments on behalf of the AMC however we welcome enquiries regarding only doing the training if the MROVCP assessment is not required.

    The Australian Waters Qualification (AWQ) which has just been introduced. This new qualification is suitable for marine radio users who operate VHF marine radios in Australian Territorial Waters only. (Australian Territorial Waters are defined as all waters up to 12 nautical miles from the Australian coastline.) We are still investigating if this would be a more appropriate qualification for our purposes or not.

    News Flash… Hello all stations,
    Living with acronyms is an unavoidable fact of life in the 21st Century! Consider the following example:
    ACMA has informed OMC which is operated by AMC, an institute of UTAS, that MROCP and MROVCP are now re-named to reflect ITU terminology and align the naming of Australian certificates with the common world practice.
    In a nutshell, the Office of Maritime Communications (OMC) will henceforth issue Marine Radio Certificates under the following new names:
    1. Short Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency (to replace the current MROVCP)
    2. Long Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency (to replace the current MROCP)
    The new terminology will better reflect the nature and limitations of these internationally recognised certificates and their equivalency with overseas certificates.
    Since the existing MROCP and MROVCP have no expiry dates, their holders have no obligation to replace them (nominal fee applies if a replacement is required).
    Regards Sam

    – Philip Adams

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