A Brief History of Your Portable Broadcast Radio

If you have ever held a radio in your hand and wondered what the history is behind this amazing device? Radio has changed the world so much in the last 100 years.

The messages that it has relayed has brought happiness, hope, joy and unfortunately sometimes sadness to so many listeners around the entire world.

Download this file and you will realise the steps in technology behind your little radio and learn a little about of some of the people that have made it possible.

Download >>>  a-brief-history-of-your-radio <<<

A Brief History of a Transistor Radio

 This history was written by Ya’akov Sloman (Interim Director, Engineering & Science Computing at the University of Notre Dame). 

… “a while ago, our family gave a birthday present of a Sony transistor radio to a young friend. I wrote this history for her as part of the gift, and thought it might be interesting to others. It mentions South Bend, where we live; and the University of Notre Dame, where I work.  I hope you enjoy it, and perhaps you can pass it on to a young person who might have a budding interest in the technology and science of radio.”

We thank Ya’akov Sloman for kindly making the history available.