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Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio

An interesting activity for a meeting night or an afternoon in camp is to sit a patrol or even a couple of scouts down in front of a broadcast AM /FM radio.  Ask them to start to tune the dial or press the scan button.  How many AM and FM radio stations can they log in the day time? Try it again at night? They may notice that many more stations could be heard on the AM band at night?  Where did some of the stations go in the day time? Why does it not seem to change on the FM band? Why do the FM stations fade out so quickly in the mountains and hills? Looking for answers? Who said starting out in the hobby of Amateur Radio was old hat or expensive?

In these days of iPods and computers, many young people have lost the joy of discovering radio. Have your Scouts or Venturers taken part in JOTA or JOTI in the last year?  Did one or more, seem to really enjoy the activity?  This sounds like it is time to suggest that they may enjoy obtaining a amateur radio license of their own?

Hands on practical training

Many of the older scouts, Venturers and Rovers have completed their amateur radio training and obtained their first license with assistance of the SRESU training team.

The equipment is not as expensive as you may have thought.  You can even get your self on air with your first license via your Laptop PC, Android smartphone or iPhone.  Second hand equipment is available.  You can even build some of your accessories e.g. antennas from scrap material.

Want to know more?  Please contact the SRESU and we can discuss our scheduled or  customised training opportunities.  We can also advise on the badges that can be achieved.