Information for Parents

Amateur Radio teaches the basic fundamental rules of radio communications.  You don’t need to be located off the beaten track to need radio.

We use it in our daily lives.  Our Wireless Internet (WiFi), Mobile Phones, Television, Broadcast Radio all use radio waves to  carry our information, voice and pictures from one location to the other.

Taking the first steps in radio can be as simple as sitting in front of the broadcast AM /FM radio and tuning the dial or hitting the scan button.  How many AM and FM radio stations can you log in the day time and at night?  If you encourage your children to do this simple learning task, they may notice that many more stations could be heard on the AM band at night?  Where did they go in the day time? Why does it not seem to change on the FM band? Why do the FM stations fade out so quickly in the mountains and hills? Looking for answers? Who said starting out in the hobby of Amateur Radio was old hat or expensive?

A few things to consider regarding the hobby of amateur radio:

  • All amateur radio operators who are licensed to transmit have undertaken one of the three levels of training and have been found competent to the appropriate Australian qualifications.
  • Amateur radio operators have a call-sign that is registered with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and this makes their communications more traceable and they can be held accountable.
  • Communications transmitted over amateur radio is generally much more formal than some other hobbies and does not include some of the less desirable antics commonly observed on the CB or internet chatter.
  • While we may use a variety of radio equipment, the equipment used by our foundation licenses holders is limited in power and we place a high emphasis on the safe and responsible use of this equipment.  The Transmitter used by the foundation license holder must be commercially built and not modified.
  • Value for money, we find that the cost of the training course, assessment, licensing, purchase of gear over a period of time is much cheaper than the cost of a new PC Laptop or iPad which becomes obsolete after only a couple of years and needs to be replaced.  For that special birthday present, a new piece of radio gear or a gift voucher?
  • Not ready to rush out and buy a radio yet? Once we have our own license, we can communicate with other licensed amateur radio operators around the world via application loaded on our iPhone or PC via the internet using an application called Echolink.
  • Many people find the skills and disciplines learnt in amateur radio provide ongoing value to the general community in times of trouble.
  • Holding a amateur radio license also proves to a perspective employer that the person who has studied and achieved an amateur radio qualification is prepared to strive to achieve something more than just the basic school curriculum.  It is regarded as valuable item on any Resume.
  • Amateur radio is a great activity for the adult and young person to share together.  Many a little project can be achieved and the benefits enjoyed for years.