Something for Young People

Here is something that you can try at home.  You don’t have to travel as far as these scouts did to try it.

Can you find or borrow a AM / FM radio?  Switch the radio to AM and slowly tune the radio from one end of the dial to the other.  How many different radio stations can you hear?

Can you identify where they come from? Count the number of stations that you hear.  If you did this during the day time, try it again at night.  Did you hear more at night?

If your radio has a SW switch on it, try exploring what you can hear on the SW (Short Wave) Band.   You may hear some really strange noises.  You may even find some people speaking a different language.

If the radio has an external antenna, try making this longer with a scrap piece of wire, you may need to clean off a little of the plastic insulation to make a good electrical contact with the metal antenna.  Try to hang the antenna up out side and see if you start to hear more stations on the AM or SW bands.

Some radio signals travel amazing distances from the Transmitter to your little radio receiver.  You have started to explore the wonderful world of radio.

Have you considered the fun that can be had if you had your own amateur radio license?  Talk with your parents or leaders if this idea sound exciting to you.

Amateur Radio